Tracy Wilson & Rob McCall were Canada's best dance team of the 1980s. During their amateur career they won seven consecutive Canadian titles, three World bronze medals and the 1988 Olympic bronze medal. Their 1988 free dance "Elite Syncopations" was set to a Scott Joplin medley and was well received by judges and fans alike for its both its difficulty and fun. It is this program around which this site is designed :) While my resources on this team are not quite as in depth as my other skating sites, I could no longer sit by and see this team not featured somewhere on the web.

Tracy Wilson & Rob McCall were the perfect example of how opposites attract. They came together from a continent apart - Tracy is from Port Moody, British Columbia, while Rob was from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She was the precise technician, while Rob was the dazzling artist. Together they created a dance team that had an incredible creative flair to their technically demanding programs. From sultry tangos to whimsical quicksteps, this team showed it all.

As a team they dominated the Canadian dance scene, winning seven consecutive national titles (Rob actually has eight - he won in 1981 with former partner McNeil). Tracy & Rob were the first Canadian ice dance team to medal at the Olympics, winning bronze in front of a home country audience in the 1988 Calgary games. They are members of the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame and received the Order of Canada in 1988.

After turning pro, Tracy and & Rob toured for two years with Stars on Ice. During this time Rob also branched out to do choreography for other skaters, including Brian Orser's "Istanbul, Not Constantinople" and the Stars on Ice ensemble number "Fame". It was a great loss to the skating community when Rob died of AIDs in November of 1991. Following Rob's death, Tracy hung up her skates and moved behind the camera to do commentary for CBS in 1992. Since then she has done commentary for CBS and TNT among others, as well as providing the occasional voice-over introduction for various shows and tours.

"Toccata & Fugue"
"Billion Dollar Baby"
"Steam Heat"

"Can't Break Away"
"Havana at 3am"
"Moon River"
"Take Me To Your Heart"

"Elite Syncopations" (FD)
"Tango de Roxanne" (OSP - Argentine Tango)
"Music of the Night" (EX)
"Rockit" (EX - conept is mechanical dolls)

"Chanson d'Amour"/"How Long" (EX)
"Creole Love Call / It Don't Mean a Thing / Don't Get Around Much Anymore" (FD)

"Don't Cry For Me Argentina" (EX)

"Stray Cat Strut" (EX)
"Staccato" (FD)

"Stray Cat Strut" (OSP - Rock-n-Roll)

"Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" (FD)

3rd - World Championships (1988)
3rd - Winter Olympics (1988)
1st - Canadian Nationals (1988)

3rd - World Championships (1987)
1st - Canadian Nationals (1987)

3rd - World Championships (1986)
1st - Canadian Nationals (1986)

4th - World Championships (1985)
1st - Canadian Nationals (1985)

6th - World Championships (1984)
1st - Canadian Nationals (1984)
3rd - Ennia Challenge Cup (1983)
1st - Skate Canada (1983)

6th - World Championships (1983)
1st - Canadian Nationals (1983)
2nd - Skate Canada (1982)

10th - World Championships (1982)
1st - Canadian Nationals (1982)
?? - Ennia Challenge Cup (1981)

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The Wilson & McCall Trophy - An award given annually since 1995 to Canada's best pairs team (in any sport)

Brian Orser: Canadian Excellence - Tracy & Rob's longtime friend.

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